New Restaurant Ideas

Little River Kitchen Bar & Grill

The Little River Kitchen is a casual-dining restaurant serving traditional British and globally inspired dishes in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The Heywood Kitchen Bar & Grill

The Heywood Kitchen is a casual-dining restaurant serving traditional British and globally inspired dishes in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

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Restaurant Space & Styling

There are four potential dining areas in the hotel:


Arguably the main dining area, this space has a lot of potential for improvements, many of which can be accomplished incrementally. I see this as the space that looks most like the typical “bar and grill” and will derive its styling from the inspiration photos in the Bar & Grill gallery. Ideas for improvements include:

  • Bar improvements (bar counter, hanging glasses, shelves/mirrors)
  • New chairs and tables
  • More optimal layout of tables
  • Bench seating on some walls
  • Redecorating including plants
  • New wall treatment
  • Improvements to waiting area including bar tools and stool high tables


This space poses several difficulties that we have partially started to plan for, including:

  • Ceilings and flooring need replacing
  • Buffet layout/equipment needs improvement
  • Room has different requirement for day to day use and functions (requiring different furniture and storage)
  • Flow issues with getting to terrace doors and to rooms 19-Heywood

This space has good light for breakfast and with the right interior design could be a great brunch space. Of course the more we do to style for breakfast/brunch, the more needs to change for weddings and functions.

The mockups below show one set of concepts being considered for the floor, ceiling and wall treatment. The second shows a very utilitarian layout of tables, illustrating that we can accommodate perhaps 45-55 covers, excluding the conservatory area (where we are thinking of putting sofas, armchairs and  softer style seating) and allowing for flow to the terrace and far side of hotel.


While it would be nice to do something with the terrace to improve it, it isn’t a priority at present. We are however considering landscaping in the garden to include a Luxemburg Gardens style pebbled finish with bistro tables as well as a tiered area with seating. This would create a total perhaps 40 covers between the terrace and garden for brunch and lunch during warm weather. 


At the front of the hotel, we’d like to push back the existing planters and redesign the patio to allow for additional seating that would capture the morning sun for brunch and lunch and could potentially be used on warm nights for dinner. The additional space could potentially allow for 40-50 covers. At some point we would like to replace the conservatory with an orangery.

Bar & Grill Inspiration Gallery

Background Info


Not a term we want to use, but it seems to encompass a number of very successful restaurants that fall into the style I think we might go for In particular Cactus Club Cafe out of Vancouver and Wildwood Kitchen out of the UK. From Wikipedia’s “Types of restaurants”:

Premium casual restaurants originate from Western Canada and include chains such as Cactus Club CafeEarl’sMoxie’s and JOEY. Premium casual restaurants are described as upscale casual. Similar to casual dining, they typically feature a dining room section and a lounge section with multiple televisions, and often feature a focus on drinks and “globally inspired” food. They are typically found in upscale areas and city centres. The concept is popular in Canada and brands Earls, JOEY, and Moxie’s have started expanding into the United States and the dining concept is becoming more widespread in the UK, with chains such as Café RougeWildwood Kitchen, and others.


I wanted to keep Café out of the title even though its quite popular. Bar & Grill seems to be popular in the description of restaurants on in a similar style to which I’ve been thinking. I quite liked Wildwood Kitchen as a name. the kitchen part attracted me as it doesn’t suggest the Café but there’s something wholesome about it. I was thinking of things relating to the Fox & Hounds like Den, but also the River. I’ve suggested River Kitchen in the main text, but just as a working title. Other things I can up with along these lines included:

  • Little River Kitchen Bar & Grill
  • River’s Den Bar & Grill
  • River Den Bar & Grill
  • River’s Edge Kitchen
  • River Kitchen
  • Taw River Kitchen
  • The Leet
  • Heywood Bar & Grill
  • Heywood Kitchen Bar & Grill
  • The Forest Bar & Grill
I’m not enamoured with any of these, but they’re just initial thoughts.



I’m trying to tie in the identity of the restaurant to the hotel. Most of our marketing material to date uses some part of the fox icon curve and as a starting point I’ve taken part of the curve, doubled it and used the same fonts as the hotel logo.

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